Life as a Teleporter – Not Your Average Delivery Gig

Delivery drivers play a critical role in the success of businesses worldwide, across many industries. Delivery drivers not only deliver goods to complete transactions, but they are also a key point of contact with customers and often act as ambassadors for the brand.

Finding drivers is tough, but these days, retaining them is even harder. Many drivers change employers for better compensation, perks, or hours. But beyond continuously raising wages, how can logistics players like ourselves retain top drivers?

Here at  Teleport, we believe our community of riders (or Teleporters as we call them) play an important role in providing top notch delivery service at the speed of light to our customers. Which is why, since the start we have made it our utmost priority to keep our Teleporter’s satisfaction at the very top. 

While we may be new to the delivery game and may not be the best at it (just yet) we know it is important that our Teleporters feel like they are a part of the bigger picture, a community and are rewarded accordingly. While there are a multitude of benefits that we can provide for delivery riders, here are some that have proven to work for us since the birth of Teleport. 

  1. Everyone Can Be an Allstar & Shine 

Even if they are just Teleporters sending parcels or even food to our customers – they are essentially still part of our team and they deserve nothing but the best. 

We provide Teleporters with a benefit package that not only takes care of their medical needs – but we also cover personal accidents and even COVID-19 coverage. Being part of Teleport’s Delivery Partner essentially makes them Allstars in the making (psst, that includes 90% off  flights too). 

All of Teleport’s delivery partners start at ground zero and are incentivised to work their way up through a point based system and promotional program. Each Teleporters starts off as a Cadet and then moves on to become an Officer, followed by Captain once they collect enough points. 

A Teleporter that ends up becoming a Captain then has the option to join the Allstar team full time. As a Teleporter, the driver could be just doing deliveries today, but with hard work and dedication he or she can also be a hub lead tomorrow. 

Case in point, Gregory who started out his journey at airasia as an Aircraft Maintenance Trainee. When the pandemic hit, his career path changed. 

When Greg started out at Teleport, he was a delivery partner who was on the constant move to make deliveries happen everyday. After months of working through the ranks, he was pretty quickly offered a full time position in Teleport as a hub lead when we saw his great working attitude and potential to lead a team.

“I’m grateful to Teleport for giving me the opportunity to keep going when I was denied my dream job in aviation due to COVID-19. Even so, I’m still extremely proud of my achievements up till today and am happy to say I’ve survived my part of the aviation pandemic.” – Greg, Teleport Hub Lead.

  1. The Value of Flexible Hours

Working a 9 to 5 in an office is not everyone’s cup of tea. Oftentimes, people prefer the option to work as they please to sustain a work-life balance. Flexible hours have also been an increasing demand today.  

Being a Teleport delivery partner, drivers will have the chance to be their own boss and work whenever they want and earn as much as they want. 

The more a driver delivers, the more they earn. It’s that simple.

Our Teleporters can earn on average at least RM1,500 a week. However, as much as we value their time, we also value their personal time. Here at Teleport, we want to provide the flexibility to our Teleports to be their own boss. We don’t want to control their hours and due to the pandemic, flexible working hours are here to stay for a while. Get the job done in your own time and earn as much as you can, when you can (no strings attached). 

  1. A Community Like No Other

Our Teleporters, all of them – no matter how big or small, are our family – our community which needs to be taken care of. 

Why? Because it matters. It matters to know that they have a place to belong to, a work family that looks out for them – providing them with information when they are stuck, trainings to help them improve and grow further and even a community of people to share their struggles, the future goals and even improvements on what can be made better. 

Building a community that matters will help your delivery partners know that they are valued and that they know who to turn to for guidance. At Teleport, we’re not only growing a community but instead, we’re building relationships and expanding the family.

At Teleport, we value our delivery partners and we acknowledge their work. They are part of our community that is growing and expanding across the countries we are in. It is important to know that when we give back to our community of delivery partners – they will return that gesture to us too.

We recently got down to speak to one of our delivery partners who found out about us during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Izzudin’s story is a  beacon of hope and one that is worth highlighting. Amidst everything going on in the world today, he brings to the table a winning attitude and one that transcends to the people around him. A little goes a long way and we are thankful for people like Izzudin who never fails to put a smile on our faces and also works hard for himself and his family. Go Izzudin! 

Keeping good drivers is just as important as hiring them, if not more so. The longer a driver is with a company, the more they understand the brand and processes. When delivery drivers feel confident that they can expect to be paid well and gain a community of other drivers to connect with, retention can improve exponentially. 

We may not be perfect just yet, but providing the best place to work with great benefits, flexibility and trust amongst peers is our utmost priority. Here at Teleport, we know the key to success for deliveries lies in prioritising the driver experience. 

If you’re looking for a community to join and want to be part of a team that makes delivery fun then kickstart your Teleport journey today. Get to know us a bit more here: 

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