10 Things You Didn’t Know About Teleport Hubs

You browse through your usual eCommerce website of choice and see something you like. You place that order, and then wait until it arrives at your doorstep. But what happens in between?

Well, that’s where Teleport comes in! A delivery service working round the clock to have your packages delivered as fast as 24 hours. At the centre of it all? Our hubs – the base where every parcel is sorted and organised before being dispersed to their destinations, whether it be local or international.

We’ll bring you through the 10 things about our delivery hubs! Psst, check out no. 8 for a surprise we didn’t see coming.

1. WTF is a hub?

Well, a hub is basically the operational facility where parcels and packages are organised, logged and sorted according to weight, size and destination before they’re distributed by our delivery dudes and dudettes to the end user (you!). 

2. Our Sunway Hub is about the size of 2 and a half futsal courts.

At 4,500 sqft, the Sunway hub can definitely fit more than 2,000 parcels at once! 

3. We’ve got thousands of parcels going through our Sunway hub daily! 

We deliver domestically –  interstate and cross-island, as well as internationally. Once parcels are picked up from merchants, they’re collected and sorted at the hub. Our biggest deliveries are made to Singapore and East Malaysia!

4. The Teleportal app connects us with delivery partners.

Whilst the hub is the centre of the parcels, the app is the centre for Teleport delivery partners. They utilise the app to receive jobs, check information and update their delivery status of parcels. 

5. 13,000 delivery partners and counting across Southeast Asia.

In Sunway Hub alone we have about 400 riders and drivers coming in and out on a monthly basis to ensure your parcels make it to you ASAP.

6. Meet the people behind the delivery operations.

Our operations team (Ops team for short) is quite literally the backbone of our hubs. These are the people who coordinate, organise, maintain peace, and optimise processes all the while keeping the parcels moving smoothly at the same time. 

7. We serve quite the roster.

From big eCommerce platforms like Lazada to brands like FlowerChimp and McDonald’s, we complete their delivery journey either at first, mid or last mile. You can hop on our roster too via help@teleport.asia.    

8. What the fish?!

At least that’s what we think the reaction of the personnel who found a live fish in one of our parcels was. No worries though, the removal of the live fish went swimmingly.

9. Go big or go home. 

Whilst we’re operating through a handful of hubs now, we’re looking to expand soon (and in multitudes) across Southeast Asia. Ranging from Telehubs like the one in Sunway where it’s warehouse-sized to micro hubs that are smaller, at about storefront-sized. We’re also looking to work with partners to set up tons of mobile hubs across Southeast Asia! So, stay tuned if you’re interested come onboard as a partner.

10. 24 hours + affordable = value. 

With the hubs in place, it allows for us to make deliveries faster; As fast as 24 hours! It’s also partly why we get to keep our rates affordable across the board.

Wanna Teleport your packages and complete your delivery journey across Southeast Asia fast? Check out teleport.asia/standard-delivery for more!

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