Meet the Allstar cabin crew who switched lanes!

We recently had a chat with Jack Khor, who was previously part of the AirAsia cabin crew, but has now switched lanes to Teleport and we got to know a little more about him.

How did you start your journey with AirAsia and how has it taken you to where you are now at Teleport?

I was a proud member of the Cabin Crew at AirAsia for about three years but was looking to improve my skills and knowledge in other areas. One day, when I came across an internal career opportunity that Teleport was offering to fellow Allstars, I knew I had to go for it.

Jack, ready for takeoff

What has it been like, working at Teleport? Did you experience any sort of ‘culture shock’?

My first impression of Teleport was that it sounded pretty magical and I totally fell in love with the logo. Working here has been nothing short of amazing — I am absolutely enjoying myself! The people are great and the work culture here is really cool where all seven Allstars Values are practised. I did not experience any ‘culture shock’ but definitely experienced a shock of happiness!

Have you had any memorable moments at Teleport that you’d like to share?

So far, my most memorable experience with Teleport was when I completed my first commercial arrangement for OURSHOP’s Mid Autumn Festival Campaign.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!

I was a Sergeant in the National Police Cadet and through that, I had the opportunity to participate in multiple jungle survival camps. I always enjoy working out at the gym, especially using all the tactical equipment and my ultimate dream job is to join the Special Actions Unit. I also speak fluently in six languages: Hokkien, Mandarin and Cantonese as they are my native languages, Thai as well as I am part Thai and of course, English and Bahasa Malaysia because I’m Malaysian. I also know a little bit of Korean because why not, right?

Jack (right) undergoing firearms training at the Southern Thailand Government Official’s Training Facility

What keeps you motivated at work?

Great leadership from the management and superb teamwork from my fellow #TeamTeleport-ers!

What are you looking forward to seeing happen in Teleport?

I am definitely looking forward to seeing Teleport become one of the strongest, fastest and practical logistics’ body in Southeast Asia where with great cooperation and leadership, delivery of items will be even more efficient and seamless than ever.

Hit the road, Jack!

(Originally published on the Teleport Blog on September 27, 2020.)

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