3 Tips Every SME Needs To Move Their Business Better

Running a business, no matter the scale, is no easy feat. From maintaining your virtual business platform to sending out orders, there are many ways to optimize operations. In this article, we sum up the top tips for you to get creative with how you can easily steer through the ups and downs of running a business.

Tip 1: Plan, plan, plan!

Running a business entails plenty of preparation but some things might slip through the cracks. Two key preparation points that SMEs should take note of are:

Panic-free peak sales period:
Identify the time periods in your business year when orders could potentially skyrocket. Marking these peaks down can help prepare you for the influx of orders going in and out. Test your tracking and ordering system as well as your website, ready your stock and be quick to communicate with your customers should there be any delays or issues! 

The road to checkout:
Regularly check through your customers’ purchasing journey to ensure a seamless transaction from ‘checkout’ to leaving you a 5-star review. If you have a website, identify the common drop-off points to find out why your users are not reaching the checkout page. Whether it’s lack of information or a slow and buggy site, fixing these can greatly impact your customers’ experience. Update your catalog with crafted information paired with visually appealing graphics; in short, make it impossible for your customer to not click on that ‘Add to cart’ button! Plus, don’t forget to help keep them in the loop with tracking updates once an order has been shipped.

Choose a logistics partner that can help with planning so that you won’t waste precious turnaround time. With efficiently fast logistics, you’ll have more time and mental bandwidth to focus on managing other aspects of your business. The sooner you get your deliveries to your customers, the better as well; moving stock gives you delay-free focus for the next order.  

Tip 2: Partner up!

Starting a business means you aren’t always able to step up on your own. Luckily, there are a wide range of partners that can help manage parts of your business so you can continue doing the groundwork. From third-party logistics and branding consultancy to 24HR customer care, do your research and pick a partner that suits your growing business needs.  As a small to medium business, you can take a huge load off (literally) your operations by having a logistics partner with offerings that benefit your business, such as delivery drop-off convenience, package deals/promos, delivery coverage, etc. 

At Teleport, we pride ourselves to be the logistics partner that’s made to deliver faster than anyone else, with more coverage across Southeast Asia all thanks  to our unique infrastructure which allows us to provide better value too. So do your research and pick the right logistics partner that can cater to your specific logistics needs. 

Tip 3:  Flexibility AND speed = happy customers. 

Offering your customers flexible payment options will increase their brand love and loyalty. Set up a few payment options such as credit card, e-wallet and even instalment plans for high value items to ease their payment process. 

Customers can’t wait to receive their order especially when they are used to physical shopping, so it’s important to close the online shopping waiting gap by selecting a logistics partner that provides reliably fast deliveries from anywhere in Southeast Asia.

To quickly summarize the tips you can implement for a smoother business journey, plan ahead to manage peak order periods without a hitch while keeping tabs on your customers’ purchasing journey. Partner with third party services to help handle parts of your business such as marketing and logistics so you can focus on building your brand. Lastly, provide flexibility for your customers when it comes to payment and reliable logistics to increase brand love and loyalty.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next step, reach out to us and find out how we, at Teleport, can help you do just that. As the best logistics partner in Southeast Asia, we can help your business deliver right to your customer’s doorstep, as fast as 24 hours,  locally or to most parts of Southeast Asia. We also provide those delivery speeds at competitive pricing. 

Find out more at https://www.teleport.asia/en/my now.

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