The Power of Alliances with Kargo Technologies

Through the power of smart alliances, strategic business partnerships can help expand your business’ capabilities beyond your internal resources. In approaching a potential alliance partner, one of the most important things to keep in mind is, “Ask not what your strategic partner can do for you, but what you can do for the partnership?”

We believe that it has to be a win-win situation when it comes to a partnership. One that mutually benefits both sides by opening up access to new markets, customers, products and resources.

We know that collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. Which is why, we are currently in several partnerships of our own – we do this not only to  grow our business exponentially but to also come together with other businesses sharing the same goal. Why exactly did we do this, you may ask? Let’s find out:

Inspiration, Fueled by Passion

When people of different brands come together and spend time with each other over meetings, coffee and several discussions – it can have a direct impact on each other’s mindset. While it may never be an easy first step to get businesses to talk to one another or set up a meeting for that matter, once the ball gets rolling – it doesn’t stop.

Our recent strategic partnership with Kargo Technologies (Kargo), inspired by our passion in being made to deliver and beyond the norm of what seems impossible – 24hours delivery across the region, Kargo brings the same to the table – to be able to provide trucking capabilities in Indonesia but all over the Southeast Asia region too. 

With both of us sharing the same passion and the same drive to go beyond to make things more seamless than before, forming an alliance made sense to propel both businesses to the next level.

Maximizing Capability 

Being the logistics venture of Capital A (formerly Air Asia), we have a head start in the market, with access to over 86 cities and soon covering all 232 cities in Southeast Asia, 252 fleet which includes a dedicated 737-800 freighter and hubs in key Southeast Asia cities – we have the reach to various markets. With Kargo, they are the largest trucking platform in Indonesia with over 30,000 registered shippers and 6,000 verified transporters.

Having a partnership with Kargo unlocks an opportunity for us to combine air connectivity with trucking capabilities on ground starting with Indonesia and for Kargo, with our regional presence and vast data, it will help boost their expansion outside of Indonesia. 

Purpose is Good. Shared Purpose is Better 

Businesses, especially those that come from similar fields and industries tend to work with one another by sharing each other’s resources. Businesses collaborating together in sharing the same goal/purpose whether it is to connect the dots closer or entering a new market is greatly beneficial for both parties.

When Kargo was first introduced to us during the height of the pandemic in Southeast Asia – the problem to solve was how to generate demand and be able to offer air and trucking freight solutions to each others’ customers. With that in mind, both of us had a shared goal and a deal was made.

We soon realized that a commercial agreement was not enough. We thought this represented an unprecedented opportunity to combine air connectivity with trucking capabilities on the ground, leveraging strong technology and enhancing the combined network.

Tiger Fang, CEO of Kargo Technologies. 

Full post on Tiger’s LinkedIn here.

In case you didn’t know, Kargo Technologies is Indonesia’s largest B2B trucking platform.  Kargo’s product suites can seamlessly integrate with any business and empower supply chains to work with more transparency & efficiency. Kargo’s workflow tools allow freight to be priced, tracked and billed with technology. Kargo’s platform has highly managed and vetted transporters along with reputation systems to instill trust.  The platform has managed to grow 15x its volume over the past year and attracted notable clients such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Shopee, Maersk, among many others.

Here’s the deal, we know that strategic partnership is something that is important for us and for businesses to grow together with a common goal. Let’s get the ball rolling Kargo Tech, as we  embark on this journey and together move things better for everyone. 

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