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Cargo space across 232 cities? You bet.

We’ve got room in the air and on the ground with the best rates around. Ship internationally or domestically across 232 cities* in Asia Pacific.

*Movements of some routes may be temporarily disrupted due to Covid-19 flight restrictions.

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The A to Z of our cargo biz.

We're the 3rd largest cargo operator in ASEAN by capacity. You've got the goods, we've got the routes, hubs and space in our planes for 'em. We offer seamless booking & tracking with SmartKargo plus a single airwaybill across the group.

Teleport your cargo today!

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Instant Booking

Freightchain offers instant cargo bookings.

No airline should fly empty. Airlines can now collaborate, one bid at a time, with Freightchain’s digital cargo network. Discover available routes and enjoy on-demand bookings in minutes, submitted and validated on blockchain.