Jakarta and Tangerang at the moment.

  1. Complete the registration form (Jotform)
  2. Download the Teleportal application
  3. Undergo onboarding training and maintain full attendance
  4. Equip yourself with a Teleport bag to start taking on jobs

Bike, Car, Van, 4X4, a lorry with capacity of 1-3 ton.

Please reach out to us at

No, all delivery partners are required to have access to their own vehicle.

Please reach out to us at


You can earn Rp. 2300/km for Instant and Flash orders, applicable for all vehicle types.

Orders are calculated from Mon-Sun and payouts are made weekly on every Friday to your personal account.

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can take. The more jobs you do, the higher your earnings!

We currently do not offer any referral rewards at the moment.


You'll be delivering a combination of food items, parcels and documents. These items generally weigh between 1 to 8 kg and can be placed on your bike or in your car. We also provide carrier bags with a minimal deposit payment for food items.

There is no uniform provided by Teleport for the time being. However, we do provide a complimentary t-shirt for all delivery partners that already own a Teleport bag. Please wear this t-shirt with long pants (past the knee area) and have your mask on while carrying out deliveries.

It is non-compulsory for delivery partners to purchase additional delivery gear. Our delivery gear includes the rider/chiller bag, an airasia or Teleport t-shirt and a jacket.

If the parcel/item is not ready for collection within 30 minutes of arrival, please inform the hub lead for further assistance.

You may find the customer contact details under the "Delivery Point" section in the application.

Please contact the merchant directly for further instructions.

All delivery partners are not allowed to cancel an order without any valid reasons given.


Please refer to the "Application" tab under : :How do I sign up as a delivery partner?" for more info.