Business to Consumer Delivery

Deliver parcels to your customers as fast as 24 hours. You can rely on our first to last mile logistics infrastructure for all your international and domestic deliveries.

Business to Consumer Delivery
Business to Consumer Delivery

Teleport It As Fast As 24 Hours!

Get your domestic and international deliveries sorted before you know it.

Domestic +

For all deliveries between West Malaysia and East Malaysia.

RM 12

First KG

RM 3/kg subsequently (up to 5KG)

RM 10/kg subsequently (5-30KG)


For all your international deliveries to Singapore.

RM 25

First KG

RM 5/kg subsequently (up to 5KG)

RM 7/kg subsequently (5-30KG)


Get the Delivery Plan That Fits You Best

Whether you need to send tons of items or just a few, we’ve got just the right option for you.

Pro - >300 parcels/month

Pro - >300 parcels/month

Additional features, payment options and a dedicated account manager.

Lite - <300 parcels/month

Lite - <300 parcels/month

Create an account and start booking immediately.


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