What We Do

The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of what we do.

All About Us

We’ve got modern day solutions for all your modern day delivery woes.

In a world that’s constantly on the move, we know how important it is to keep things moving. And we do just that by taking things from A to B, magically. Founded in 2018, we’re on a mission to enable everyone, from single merchants to the largest companies, to move goods and e-commerce anywhere in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Logistics should be easy, quick and seamless at great rates. And we believe this standard should be the norm, not the exception as we strive to be the best logistics company in Asia Pacific. Currently, we’ve made our presence felt in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Singapore and China.

How we do it?

With a kick-ass business model, that’s how.

The Result?

An end-to-end logistics experience built for modern business that’s simple and works like magic.