Love18C: Going the Extra Mile for Last Mile Deliveries with Teleport

Teleporting Your Small Business Delivery Services

Growing demand for delivery may have you thinking it’s time to outsource your last-mile delivery process. But the question is, how can you deliver faster and more efficiently and handle greater capacity? The fact is, there is immense pressure on businesses of all sizes to be able to compete with the high standards of delivery and consumers’ rising expectations for convenience. Customers expect retailers to offer fast delivery, and if those customers aren’t able to get their orders fast enough (or at a price that they find reasonable), many customers will go somewhere else.

Living up to these high standards can seem daunting. Small businesses especially run the risk of digging themselves into a hole to catch up, especially if they’re planning routes manually. Manual planning takes a lot of time, and this inefficiency makes it very difficult to scale a business when orders pick up. It’s a lot to manage.

Case in point, Love18C. Made-in-Malaysia premium artisan chocolate brand that offers healthy, fresh and high-quality chocolates worth indulging in and gifting. What started out in an 80 sq ft room now operates in a bigger space and is now available in two different outlets – LOVE18C Puchong and LOVE 18C Penang. They have also since expanded their customer base and their product line into more ranges and flavours. They now deliver to Singapore all within a 24 hour period. Love18C is also the first Malaysian brand that got awarded in the International World Chocolate Awards Competition. 

So how does a small business scale up their operations all while ensuring their customers get their orders in a timely manner and while preserving the integrity of the business? 

Giving our small business a big boost with Teleport’s service was the catapult we needed. Our largest customer base is from Singapore, and we haven’t received a complaint so far, as all our deliveries are still in perfect form and ready to eat when they arrive. We have also since expanded into East Malaysia, which is something we never intended to set out to do, but it was the cherry on top as part of our partnership with Teleport. We know now that businesses that offer same-day delivery make a commitment to go above and beyond for their customers. In turn, those customers will be impressed and in return, we will see an increase in customer loyalty.

Eddie Lee, Chief Chocolatier of Love18C 

If you are delivering B2B (business to business) or are just beginning your delivery journey for your business, partnering with a delivery service is the way to go. At Teleport we are committed to giving our customers the best – competitive rates, speed and reliability for big and small shipments alike is a guarantee. In addition to offering your customers lightning-fast turnaround, a delivery platform like Teleport takes the headache out of delivery logistics — you gain access to drivers and vehicles without the added costs and liability of going at it alone. 

Same-day delivery is a huge game-changer for small businesses. By delivering your products quickly, you are also delivering incredible above-and-beyond service, and your customers will take note. Trust us on this. We know, because…

“We’ve got modern day solutions for all your modern day delivery woes.”

How do we do it?

  • Revolution
    • First, we revolutionized the way cargo is transported, converting paper and pencil into a fully digital infrastructure 
  • Partnerships
    • We grew our fleet of delivery partners out of a belief that our community empowers us, that customer experience is our obsession and that we must succeed together.
  • Customer Experience
    • We tackled delivery by building a strategic coalition of partnerships that allow us to ship goods across the region in 24 hours or less
  • Flat Rates
    • And finally, we’re now able to bring the fastest delivery to market at affordable flat rates.

In a world that’s constantly on the move, we know how important it is to keep things moving. And we do just that by taking.

And we believe this standard should be the norm, not the exception as we strive to be the best logistics company in Asia Pacific. We like it quick and effortless. Being an airasia subsidiary, Teleport is a logistics company like no other. Be it e-commerce or door-to-door delivery, domestic shipping or cross border shipping, let us Teleport it instantly or as fast as 24 hours.

If you’re a small business looking to expand and increase your customer loyalty, talk to us so we could help you kickstart your Teleport journey today. Start shipping with us here:

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