#MadeToDeliver Specialised Cargo Services for When You Need to Ship More than General Cargo

We’ve been known for our cargo services even before we were called Teleport (RedCargo Logistics OGs will know what’s up!) but did you know that beyond just standard on ground delivery, Teleport covers an extensive air cargo portfolio too?

Teleport ships general cargo in many forms covering loose cartons, palletised cargo and containerised cargo too. But more than that, we’re also a full-service cargo provider. You could say that we’re Made to Deliver all your special cargo that needs a bit of extra care!

So what IS special cargo, exactly? Well, some cargo requires a specific environment to be safe. Or special attention, like transporting your furry friends. Other fragile goods may need extra, extra special handling. Teleport takes care of all that (and more!) with our new specialised cargo services. Keep reading for a quick rundown of these 5 new services: 

Teleport Charter

Is your business rapidly growing? We got you covered. With Teleport Charter you can charter a whole plane, half a plane, a dedicated space within a plane, and everything in between. Seriously, anything you need to ship your goods…we’ll make it happen. 

Teleport Priority

For when you need things to be fast, fast, FAST! We’re Made to Deliver so, yeah, you bet we can get your cargo flying as booked. We guarantee uplift and capacity access regardless of demand. Your cargo will always come first when booked under Teleport Priority. 

Teleport Fresh

Getting fresh flowers across Southeast Asia without wilting is a challenge…just not to us. Your flowers will arrive unwilted, your veggies still crisp and other perishables in fresh condition. We’ve got cold rooms, specialised ULDs, thermal blankets and temperature-controlled trucks ready for your goods. 

Teleport Pharma

One of the three vaccine shots you took could’ve been shipped by us! More than just vaccines, we also transport other pharmaceutical goods.  Our service is of IATA Guidance for Pharma and Vaccine distribution compliant so you can rely on us to ship your goods in controlled environments throughout the journey.

Teleport Live

Whether it’s exotic animals or your bestest friend in the world (the pet, not the human btw), we can have it shipped for you. Your furry, feathery, scaly or slimy friends will be safe onboard, guided by IATA’s Live Animal Regulations. There’s ventilated and air conditioned spaces and we keep a close eye on species mixing too. 

If these array of services aren’t enough to convince you, maybe our coverage will win you over; we’ve got coverage over 130 cities and the largest network in Southeast Asia, alongside exclusive access to AirAsia’s passenger network and our own cargo-only network. That’s a lot of networks for your cargo to rely on. 

With 252 wide-body and narrow-body aircraft for both cargo-only and passenger flight routes, our fleet access is at your command. Just book it, we’ll fly it.

Our reach and fleet are not the only muscles we’re flexing. Being a full-service cargo provider means we have all you need. Robust infrastructure? Check. Fast & high quality operations? Check. Comprehensive services extending from first to last mile delivery services? A definite check!

You might think that having all these planes across different networks must be complicated. Well, it is! But that’s for us to handle while you just sit back and relax as your cargo is shipped across the region with our 1 Air Waybill. Despite multiple stops in many different airports, the experience on your end will be seamless and headache-free.   

So, how about it? Ready to Teleport your precious cargo and level up your business across Southeast Asia fast? Hop on over to teleport.asia/cargo for more.

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