Teleporters to the rescue

With the hibernation of AirAsia’s fleet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few Allstars (AirAsia staff) have taken to being frontliners. Since Teleport and OURSHOP are two of the key subsidiaries of AirAsia Group that continue to operate during this period, we have ramped up our efforts to not only provide jobs for those affected but also to support small local businesses.

We managed to speak with a few of them (online to maintain #socialdistancing!) about their journey as a Teleport delivery partner and how they feel about the whole experience.

If you’re interested in signing up as a Teleport delivery partner yourself, click here.

Why sign up as a Teleporter?

Captain Mogan Munisamy says, “What better way to give back to our company during its time of need?” Through Teleport delivery, he would be helping those at home by getting them what they need.

Captain Mogan Munisamy

Fazrul from our Ground Ops team appreciates the additional income and the fact that he is contributing to the company as an Allstar.

“Prior to joining AirAsia, I’ve done various part-time jobs that involved some form of transportation and logistics. So this is a bit of me reminiscing the good old days,” said Nik, our Technician. “But most importantly, I now get the chance to serve people first-hand, making them happy and satisfied — it’s the best feeling ever.”

What it means to be a Teleporter

“It’s been a real eye-opener to see how hard our frontliners work, and they deserve the recognition!” Captain Mogan Munisamy remarks. “I have to admit that this line of work is completely foreign to me. But as always, our fellow Allstars are a joy to work with. They’re always ever-ready to lend a helping hand and offer guidance. In fact, everyone has been really nice, from the restaurant owners to the customers. This makes the whole experience even better!”

Nik likes the community aspect of being a Teleporter: “It’s exciting because you get to meet various people! But it can be challenging at times, especially when you have to deliver to a place you’re not familiar with. But with enough experience, you will have no problem in the end.”

Captain Mogan Munisamy fulfilling a food delivery

Nik breaks down the day-to-day life of a Teleporter on the app: “First, we choose from the jobs listed within the app. At pick-up, we scan the item via the app. Next, we’ll deliver it to its destination and voila! My task is completed with satisfied customers. When it comes to delivering food, it’s essential that we deliver it quickly and on time as we want to make sure that the food arrives warm and ready to eat.”

Fazrul from Ground Ops highlights the fulfilling aspect of the job, “It’s great to get to be a part of another industry where time is important too. We deliver food and groceries, and at the same time help people maintain social distancing and staying safe by being at home.”

Fazrul from AirAsia Ground Ops team delivering food to a happy customer

Challenges faced as a Teleporter

“I think facing roadblocks during this MCO period can be challenging,” Nik points out. “Some of these roadblocks can take around an hour to pass through. Even as we’re racing against time to deliver our items! But it’s not their fault. I commend the authorities for being very good at their jobs.”

Fazrul agrees, stating that routes are perhaps the biggest challenge for a Teleporter, “especially during the MCO, where some roads are closed or blocked temporarily.”

What Teleporters to-be should know

You don’t need much to be a Teleporter! In fact, as Nik says, “You only need a driver’s licence, a smartphone and your own transport to do the job. And now with Teleport’s partnership with SOCAR, you can even rent a car to be a Teleporter!

“As an individual, you should also master multi-tasking. Though I’m sure most Allstars are already used to that. Sometimes you need to refer to navigation apps while driving. So being able to do this and reach your destination point safely and on time is a good skill to have!”

Nik, our Technician (far right) with fellow Teleporters

Fazrul reiterates, saying that a sense of direction and good geography skills are key to becoming a good Teleporter.

So, would you recommend signing up as a Teleporter?

Nik calls for more Teleporters: “Let’s sign up as a Teleporter and help the community! You can also earn extra money during this tough time. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to make Teleport known.”

“Definitely!” Captain Mogan Munisamy agrees. “It’s a great opportunity to play a part in helping the company in the ways that you can. While you’re at it, you get to learn something new!”

For a little sneak peek into a day in the life of a Teleporter, watch this video of cabin crew Nurul Misfarni Asfar as she takes us on her day as a Teleport Delivery Partner here!

(Originally published on the Teleport Blog on April 29, 2020.)

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