When Shipping Speed & Cost Matters, Think Teleport

Customers are faced with a set of choices each time they make a purchase, but there’s one big dilemma that has always been a source of frustration for customers since the birth of e-commerce. That dilemma in question is:

‘Fast shipping’ or ‘cheap shipping’?

Cheap Shipping

It’s easy to understand why cheap shipping is attractive to consumers, particularly if they’re purchasing multiple items. From a customer service perspective, cheap shipping keeps your clients happy and increases the likelihood they’ll return in the future.

Fast shipping

The demand for fast shipping continues to grow, with many consumers expecting to receive products in less than 24 hours. Fast shipping is bundled into delivering a unique last mile delivery experience for the customer. 

  • According to a survey conducted by Parcel Perform and iPrice Group it reveals that;
    • Over 90% of customer complaints and negative feedback are related to late delivery and a lack in communication about delivery status
    • Malaysia reports the longest transit time in the region, with deliveries taking 5.8 days versus a regional average time of 3.3 days
  • Yet Shopify’s recent State of Ecommerce 2021 study shows a shift; 59% of consumers now say that free/cheap shipping is the key to a positive online shopping experience, while fast delivery comes in behind at 40%.

Online shoppers have been forced to adjust to longer delivery timeframes due to strained carrier networks, and signs show this has changed expectations; 45% of consumers are accepting longer delivery times than they did in the past. When rapid delivery can no longer be guaranteed, it’s logical that consumers are more likely to choose affordability over speed.

With Teleport, you don’t have to choose. You get the best of both worlds. 

We’re Made to Deliver from first to last mile across Southeast Asia better than anyone else. Our Made to Deliver promise aims to enable everyone, from large businesses to SMEs, access to a better logistics experience. A robust network and infrastructure means we deliver with more frequency and scale, making paying more for fast deliveries a thing of the past.

​​Basically what we really want to say is, we’re redefining what it means to be on time by being faster than the industry standard and making our services accessible for everyone across Southeast Asia.

Fact remains – We ship thousands of orders every day – from small to big parcels, you name it – we have delivered it. Shipping each order quickly with little investment has and always will be one of our top priorities. 

Now the real question is, how do we redefine what logistics can do for your business? 

Here’s how we’re made to deliver better for you: 

  • Made to deliver fast – We deliver faster than anyone else, with 24-hour delivery services available to domestic and international destinations. Comes with comprehensive Track & Trace.
  • Made to deliver across Southeast Asia – Whether it’s to key cities or remote islands, we have a high frequency of flight routes across Southeast Asia with extensive coverage.
  • Made to deliver value – Exclusive access to AirAsia’s network of flights plus our own air and land network gives us the cost advantages to deliver superior speed and coverage at better value to you.

When Shipping Speed & Cost Matters, Think Teleport. 

Whether you need to send tons of items or just a few, we’ve got just the right delivery or price option for you. Find out how to get the delivery plan that fits you best here: https://www.teleport.asia/en/my

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